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Understanding Electrical Licensing

How to know if you truly have a State Licensed Electrical Contractor and what does each License mean.

Apprentice Electrician – Is an individual who is able to do electrical work under direct supervision of a state licensed journeyman or master electrician and who is under going a four year apprenticeship course that meets state regulations.

Journeyman Electrician – A journeyman is licensed to work by himself, without direct supervision, installing wiring, outlets and fixtures. A journeyman also does service work, troubleshooting when a breaker fails or a light stops working. A journeyman cannot get permits, but must work under those issued to a master. A journeyman follows a master’s plans and directions. A journeyman’s duties will vary with the employer. Some journeymen do mostly residential work, others mainly commercial and industrial installations. A journeyman must work from three to six years as an apprentice, under direct supervision of a master, and pass a journeyman test. He also must have some classroom education on the National Electrical Code and basic electricity in a technical school or a program affiliated with the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Council. Journeyman training combines hands-on work with education on basic electricity.

Master Electrician – A master lays out wiring systems and installations and gets permits for work. He prescribes the type of wiring and connections or terminations according to electrical codes. A master will design the routing of circuits in a house, for instance, or determine the type and location of a circuit breaker panel. A master also supervises apprentices and oversees journeymen who do the work. A master may run his own company but is required to have a state electrical contractors License in order to do so, or work for a electrical contractor.

Electrical Contractor – Is a master electrician is an individual who has submitted the minimum state insurance and standards to be licensed by the state. Or an individual who employees a master electrician that is running his or her business under the master electricians license number and has met the minimum state requirements  and is insured. at which time the state will issue a TECL# that must be shown on all documents and vehicles that are used to conduct business. You can research any electrical License number buy going to the stat TDLR website and entering the License number to find out if an individual is properly Licensed by the state of Texas.

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Our Contractor License Number is TECL#32191 try it for yourself.